What it is, What it does & Why the InsectAway formula does it best.

Natural pyrethrum is nature's own insecticide. While harmless to warm-blooded animals, it is efficient and deadly where
insects are concerned.  InsectAway is made from the natural pyrethrum extracted from chrysanthemum flowers.  
Insects do not build up an immunity to pyrethrum, as they can to synthetic pyrethroids, so the killing effect is not

Environmental Insect Control Systems is the only manufacturer of an automatic fly control system that formulates its
own natural pyrethrum insecticide.  Consequently, you can be assured that the quality is never compromised.  
InsectAway is accepted by the EPA and the USDA for use on human food processing plants, so you know it is safe for
warm-blooded animals.

InsectAway goes to the insect and even flushes the insects from their hiding places.   It is biodegradable and the most
effective and economical way to control flying insects.
Pyrethrum has been used effectively to control insects for decades and is non-persistent, decomposing rapidly in the
environment. This rapid degradation of pyrethrum has resulted in little known cases of insect resistance making it an
excellent choice for the control of agricultural pests.

From a toxicological viewpoint, pyrethrum has been extensively studied. It is low in acute toxicity to man and other vertebrate
animals, is non–carcinogenic, causes no adverse reproductive affects and is non-mutagenic.

PyGanic™ Crop Protection Products contain a new and unique form of pyrethrum and are listed by the Organic Materials
Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production. Until now, no other pyrethrum product has achieved this listing. Through
proprietary technological advances, PyGanic has successfully developed a product that is compliant with organic practices
and maintains all the desirable attributes of pyrethrum–flush, rapid knockdown, kill, and minimal environmental impact.
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