The InsectAway System
The Central Control Unit is normally located in your tack room, feed room, storage area, or other convenient
location near an electrical outlet.  Extending from the central unit is a flexible nylon tubing installed overhead,
covering the area to be protected.  At specified locations, misting nozzles are installed in the line.  When the central
unit activates, all the nozzles operate at the same time.  This ensures the entire facility will be covered with a fine
mist of natural insecticide, knocking down and killing all flying insects.
There is an InsectAway system to fill your needs!
Original -The Original system has been protecting
horses, dairy cattle,
kennels and show cattle for nearly four decades.  
The JR. System  was introduced to offer the smaller
facility owner the same quality protection at an
affordable price.  
Over the years, many have tried to imitate the InsectAway System.
However, the dependability and quality of the unit have not been equaled.
We have set the standard for the industry with the service we offer!
A Size For Every Facility
"All my equipment has to be reliable.  
That's why I use the InsectAway System."
A.J. Foyt, Thoroughbred Breeder & 4 Time
Indy 500 Champion.
The control unit sets the duration of each
cycle and the time between cycles.   When
this preset time arrives, the control unit
activates the system. So once, the timing
controls on the InsectAway system are set,
you know that 24 hours a day, 7dys a week
your animals are protected.  Then, even if you
have to leave the premises, you are assured
that InsectAway is on the job.
When the system is activated, all the nozzles
mist simultaneously. Our precision
machined nozzles are positioned so that
flying insects have no place to escape, doing
away with the need for hand spraying or
dangerous baits!
When one of our trained representatives installs your system, it will include:

A central control unit, which incorporates a state-of-the-art timing mechanism,
a heavy duty industrial pump and a container of Insectaway.

High pressure nylon tubing and precision machined spray nozzles,
designed for the lowest operating costs in the industry.

Now, isn't it time you considered the
InsectAway System?
When the central unit activates, all the
nozzles operate at the same time.  This
insures the entire facility will be covered with
a fine mist of InsectAway, knocking down and
killing all flying insects!
InsectAway Insecticide
PyGanic EC 5.0
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