Satisfied Clients and their comments
"We installed our system in summer of 1980 and
have been very happy with the results controlling
flies at our are our subdivisions
neighbors...we have recommended it to a number
of our friends and clients.

Newell G. Hicks DVM
                              Woodford Veterinary Clinic
                                             Versailles, KY
"Since the installation of the InsectAway System,
there are no flies and all the horses seem to be a
lot more at ease.

Chestnut Hill Farm. CA  
                                    AAF Kaset
                                1984 US &
Canadian                                                    National Grand
"When you have 4 to 5 million dollars worth of
yearlings...a stud barn that has horses like
Secretariat, Nijinsky ll, Spectacular Bid...and others
that you want to keep contended....InsectAway is
your answer"

 John Sosby, Mgr
                                         Claiborne Farm
"Our investment in quality horses and cattle is extensive and worth
protecting. We have several InsectAway fly spray systems. InsectAway
equipment and insecticide have the reliability we can depend on.  

                                                                    John Kiker, Mgr.
                                                                   Tooter Waites, Trainer
                                                      Nine-Bar Ranch  Hempstead, TX
"Since the installation for our InsectAway system, we
have practically eliminated the incidence of Pink
Eye...we now control the fly problem in the calf barn
without respiratory problems....InsectAway can handle
the cow barn and calf barn in less than one minute.

Don & Keith Long
                                                Belle View Farms
                                               Weyauwega, WI
When I hospitalize a horse, I don't want flies spreading
infection or disease from one animal to another, and I
want them to be free of stress caused by flies."  

A.K. Curry, VMD, Houston, TX  
"I would like to tell you how great your InsectAway®
System is in our calf barn.  What a joy to not have flies
swarming all over the place.  But the best part is that there
is very little work involved because everything is
automated and on a timer. Also, since we put the system in
the calf area, I have noticed a marked decline of flies in the

     Joan Huestis, Bridport, VT
"I love this system. I can't begin to tell you what a difference it
has made in the barn this summer, especially in the feed room.
Hardly a fly in there. Thanks for introducing me to InsectAway®."

      Ann Kitchel, South Strafford, VT
"We are very pleased with the InsectAway® System we purchased from
you in 1989.  We have always been bothered by flies in late summer
and this past year we had virtually no flies.  As further proof of the
effectiveness of the system, we inadvertently let the fluid get low enough
to cause the pump to shut down, and we started to see a fly problem.
When we checked the pump, we found it had shut down due to low level
of insecticide in the tank. Within five days, we once again were fly-free
due to the proper functioning of the system. I do not know how much
more milk our cows made, but they sure were more pleasant to work
around, and it was much more pleasant in our buildings for people as
well as cows.  I would strongly recommend the system to anyone who
has a fly problem.  I have never purchased anything that I was more
satisfied with."        
    Paul Knox, Weare, NH