Frequently Asked Questions About The InsectAway® Insect Control System

Why is InsectAway® referred to as a "system"?
Every component is designed to work together for maximum effect. InsectAway® has several size systems, to accommodate any
size facility. The insecticide won't separate, either in the reservoir or the tubing, so fly-killing consistency is maintained. The pump
is designed to specifically handle the InsectAway® special viscosity. The spray nozzles and tubing have been chosen to
accommodate the high pressure of the InsectAway® pump, releasing a fine mist when activated, and eliminating spewing or

Can I install the system myself?
Absolutely! If you wish, we'll send you detailed installation information. The majority of our customers do prefer to have an
InsectAway® technician set up the system, but you can definitely handle the installation yourself.

How does the InsectAway® System help with disease control in my stock?
You'll find InsectAway® aids in the control of insect vector transmitted diseases (i.e. infectious anemia). Additional benefits are
realized by control of parasites and secondary infections from festered bites (summer sores).

How "automatic" is the system?
Totally automatic, and that's one of the primary advantages. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, whether you are home or
away, you'll know your animals are protected.

What about the company that makes InsectAway®?
InsectAway® is made by Environmental Insect Control Systems, Inc., the originator of automatic flying insect control systems. EICS
is the largest company in its field and the only manufacturer that formulates its own natural pyrethrum insecticide. Every
InsectAway® product is offered with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.
Advantages Of The InsectAway® Insect Control System

1. Aids in control of disease carried by insect vectors, (infectious anemia), parasites, as well as secondary infections
from festered bites (summer sores).

2. Most effective and economical way known to control insects.

3. Eliminates hand spraying; time and labor costs.

4. Completely automatic – continues to kill insects when you are away.

5. Goes to the insect rather than the insect accidentally going to it.

6. Designed for use in either a closed or open facility.

7. Can be installed and programmed economically to suit individual needs.

8. Versatile – the same system can be increased to accommodate facility growth.

9. Gives a synchronized spray coverage over the entire facility at each application.

10. Safe and non-toxic to warm blooded animals.

11. Non-residual, bio-degradable with no insect immunity.

12. Eliminates the use of dangerous insecticides which are toxic, can contaminate facility, and have strong residual

13. E.P.A. registered; USDA accepted.

14. Reduces the spread of infections and contamination.
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